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Person shocked to see no known face in the ’people you may know’ feed of Facebook

12, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Facebook is an amazing tool to bond with friends one doesn’t get enough time to spend with. Over and above the friend list which we already have, FB keeps on suggesting friends you may know. Well, the feature is great to come in touch with someone you may have lost contact with, but it became a nightmare for Shwetank Srivastava who found no known face in the ‘people you may know feed’ of Facebook.


Shwetank who works in Mumbai, is a social media freak and spends enough time on FB hanging out with friends. Recently while surfing through FB, he noticed the ‘people you may know’ feed which FB keeps on throwing at you from time to time. At first he was thrilled, and browsed through all the faces. To his surprise, none of the faces were of people he had met at least once in lifetime. He browsed through almost 200 profiles. He felt cheated by Facebook for wasting his time.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with him and Shwetank had this to say,” People use FB to post marriage pics, honeymoon pics, baby born pics etc on FB but I use FB to bond with old friends. But Facebook was not able to show me at least one known face. How can I trust them in future. I postponed my dinner just to browse through all the profiles shown by FB, thinking I might meet an old friend. But to my surprise all profiles had names I hadn’t heard before. I even cross checked with my other friends whether these are our common friends or what. But there was no known profile”

This may come as a shocker to many who spend a lot of time on the famous networking platform. Shwetank’s plight is a genuine one and needs to be listened to. We would try and bring to you FB’s perspective on this once we are in touch with them.