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Person smoking 10 cigarettes a day finally gets caught by wife when he had mouth freshener for the first time

02, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. People have various ways of hiding their bad habits like smoking and drinking. Some spray tons of deodorant on their body, some literally bath in liters of the perfume of after the act, but Jagdish Malik is a person of immense courage as he never used any such tricks, and with due credit, no one has ever caught his smoking habit. All his family members felt that Jagdish can never smoke and is a very decent guy. But marriage, as they say, changed everything in Jagdish’s life. Finally, the secret let itself out and it was due to a minor mistake committed by Jagdish on the day of marriage.


Jagdish, while at the initial stage of of an arranged marriage, i.e meeting the bride to be for the first time had conveyed that he never smokes and hates smokers. The bride appreciated his honesty and took it for granted that Jagdish spoke the truth. It was only as the marriage day was approaching, when Jagdish felt scared about his habit being revealed to his wife. That is when some smoker friends advised him to take help of mouth fresheners every time he smoked.

The first day after marriage turned out to be a nightmare for Jagga, as he is fondly called by his friends. Jagga went out of his house on the pretext of buying snacks for his wife, came back after smoking and subsequently having a dose of mouth freshener. The mouth freshener which was meant to kill the smell of nicotine, in turn killed his marriage. As soon as Jagga entered his home, his wife was convinced that he had smoked, obviously due to the perception that only smokers use mouth fresheners. Jagga who was always able to hide his habit of smoking finally had no choice but to let his wife know that he usually smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day.