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Piyush Goyal: Special trains will be started to accommodate the rush created by relatives visiting students after CBSE results

11, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Majority of us experience relatives who are so interested in knowing about personal lives. They have so interest in knowing about you especially during the exam results. “There is too much pressure from parents, relatives and even those whom I do not know,” said a student when interviewed by Faking News. The rush during May/June is unbelievable at Railway stations as most relatives visit students who had their board exams recently. Due to the rush, many people with genuine travel needs fail to get a confirm ticket and hence have to suffer.


There are roughly two types of relatives every Indian has:

1) The ones who develop a sudden interest in your life during the result season.

2) The ones who don’t exist.

The ones who show a sudden interest in your life after board results are the scary ones. In fact, many coaching centers are offering a crash course on how to answer the awkward questions the relatives come up with. But the Railways has finally decided to address the concern by starting special trains for bigger destinations to accommodate the mad rush created by the relatives.

Piyush Goyal while talking to the press confirmed that the Railways will start trains based on the real-time rush in that area and try to make sure every relative reaches their destined place without bothering the normal passengers. Special ‘relatives’ coaches will also be attached to the normal trains where only relatives will be accommodated that too after they show proof of someone in their near family circle had exams this year. Students across the country are not happy with this decision and have started a signature campaign against the Railway Minister’s decision.