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Plans to install Rajiv Shukla's wax statute shelved after he offers himself to stand physically at Madam Tussauds

07, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

London. If reports are to be believed, Rajiv Shukla, who yesterday returned as the chairman of IPL governing council, could soon be seen physically standing in Madam Tussaud.

Plans to make his wax statue were dropped after the maverick Shukla offered to be physically present at the wax museum during its working hours.

The authorities were planning to market his wax statue with ‘a human who has met most other humans’ or ‘a human who is literally omnipresent’.

“I am everywhere.”

Though sources say authorities at the wax museum did have second thoughts.

“There are hardly many people left who Mr Shukla hasn’t met. So we were wondering if there was any point in making his wax statue at all, since 80% visitors who have already met him,” an official of Madame Tussaud revealed.

“But this offer by Rajiv has certainly made us go back to drawing board,” he added, confirming the development.

However it still remains a mystery as to how the Congress leaders is going to manage being present at so many places at once.

“We thought he was joking. But he was damn serious,” said CEO of Merlin Entertainments.

“I don’t know how on earth he is going to manage that, along with IPL matches appearances, post match ceremonies, Political meetings, Bollywood gatherings, own business, Rahul Gandhi, Corporate and Page 3 commitments,” he wondered in astonishment.

“Even a person with 7-8 clones would find it impossible to be at these many places,” he added.