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PM Modi goes abroad almost every week, If I go once a year you people have a problem: Rahul Gandhi 

30, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rahul Gandhi has yet again excused himself from the responsibilities of the party and decided to go on a vacation. At a time when the Congress party is planning nationwide protests to corner the Govt over economic mismanagement, Rahul has vamoosed for a meditation trip.


The Congress party has refused to reveal the location. It is not yet clear what Rahul will be meditating on and when will he be back. These speculations left the ex-party leader miffed and Rahul hit back at critics. “Nobody questions Modiji when he goes abroad almost every week. And I have heard that his empty house is now being rented out for weddings. But no one questions him. Your hackles are raised only when Rahul Gandhi leaves India,” he lashed out while having a telephonic conversation with media.

Congress party too supported Rahul’s decision to take a break. Party spokesperson Ranjeet Surjewala said that before leaving, Rahul had created the entire roadmap for aforementioned nationwide protest and was in no way shirking is responsibilities.

Surejewala also pointed out that Rahul was not going on a fun-trip. “It is part of our culture. When guests visit our house, we should also go and visit them. EU Parliamentarians were our guests who visited Kashmir and Rahul is just reciprocating,” he said while speaking to our reporter.