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PM Modi inundated with requests from party colleagues to get latest iPhone while returning from US 

20, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Even as PM Modi prepares for ‘Howdy Modi’ event in US, there seems to be a barrage of requests from party colleagues to get them the latest iPhone.


PM will be attending a gathering of 50,000 Indian-Armericans which will also see President Trump on the stage. Many senior leaders of the BJP are seeing this as an opportunity to lay their hands on the latest iPhone ahead of its India launch.

Given the price difference between the models sold in US and India, one party leader that our reporter spoke to said that it makes more sense to get it from US than buy it in India.

A source revealed that the PM called for a meeting of party workers just before leaving for US. Though many of them wished him luck for the event, there was palpable excitement over ‘Modiji humare liye US se kya la rahe hain’. 

“Chits with requests were carefully placed in the bouquets handed to the PMO staff. Most of the requests were for smartphones and laptops,” said the source.

Our reporter spoke to Home Minister Amit Shah to find out if he too had any request. In his characteristic way he replied, “I don’t want anything for myself. Everything that I have done ever is for the party. If the part needs any MLA’s or MP’s from US, then I can help.”