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PM Modi to launch 'Play in India' campaign after India fails to win in Australia

03, Jan 2015 By Klutzy_Kagra

New Delhi. After seeing the consecutive defeats of Team India in recent test series against Australia, PM Narendra Modi has decided to launch a ‘Play in India’ campaign to save the careers of Indian Cricketers.

PM claimed for Indians, Cricket was not just a game. He reminded everyone of Bhuvan, the forgotten freedom fighter who defeated Englishmen in this game and sowed the seeds of freedom struggle of India.

Modi at the campaign pre-launch event.
Modi at the campaign pre-launch event.

As told by PMO India, aim of this campaign is to make sure that Team India plays all its future tests in India only. If this campaign becomes successful, it will be extended to ODI’s and T20’s too.

The campaign ‘Play In India’ is aimed at making India a Test Cricket hub while shunning all foreign tours. It will definitely save the travel cost, enhance revenue generation and promote tourism. Most importantly, it will make the girlfriends and wives of Indian cricketers feel ‘good’.

This campaign basically gives hope to Indian bowlers to have a decent career figures, to save the job of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a Test Captain, to boost careers of Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and all other hidden talents in the country, and to give Indian slow pitches global recognition.

Sri Lanka has already confirmed to schedule all test matches against India in India only.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has lauded the effort initiated by PM. He tweeted, ”Cricket was invented by Hindus and there is absolutely no reason why Hindustani players should play cricket on foreign soil.”