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Police to conduct narco-analysis of CCTV cameras after grainy footage doesn't yield any clue about crime scene

06, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

UP Police, which has been investigating a high profile hit and run case, will be conducting narco analysis of CCTV cameras after the grainy footage recovered from the cameras failed to give any leads.

The case involves the son of a prominent politician who was returning from a party and crashed his SUV on unsuspecting pavement dwellers. Similar to Bollywood actor Salman’s case, this too had its share of shoddy investigation. From contamination of crime scene to disappearing eyewitness account, it seems that the cops are doing their best to shield the accused.

Senior Police Officials however contradict this and say that they are doing their best inspite of the limited evidence at their disposal.

Speaking to Faking News, the investigating officer said, “Out of the 5 CCTV cameras that cover the accident scene, 2 were not working on that particular day. So we were left with just 3 footages, of which 2 disappeared leaving us with just 1. That too is grainy and failed to give us any clues. So we will be conducting narco analysis of that camera to extract more information.”

“We have also launched manhunt for the 2 missing CCTV footages. Once they are found, the case will be solved in no time,” he added.

The camera has been sent to Forensic Lab in Hyderabad and results of the test are expected in a week.