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Police introduces queue at bus stop, results in stampede as public gathers to take a look at it

27, Sep 2014 By qfreak

Hyderabad. Monday evening noticed unusual volume of people traveling to Dilsukhnagar bus stop. Initally it was assumed that it was because of the release of a new movies “Chiraku” and “Gola” at the theaters in Dilsukhnagar.

But after inquiring a few passengers, it has come to light that a concept called “queue” has been introduced at one of these bus stops and even the city police has been deployed to regulate the queue.

Even media was present there.

Citizens of Hyderabad were so intrigued by this concept that they decided to check this out first hand.

In fact some students who would otherwise be happy about not taking the Dilsukhnagar route were jealous of everyone taking this particular route. The main cause of this jealousy seems to be the selfies and tweets that the prospective people in these “queues” were posting. It is estimated that an otherwise “dork” was considered as “cool” for as long as 2 hours.

Some citizens who were unaware of the queue concept before, stood in line, and decided to join the crowd and watch the queue.

Within a few minutes, the “queue watchers” crowd became bigger and bigger and soon became out of control which resulted in a stampede.

The police swung into action to control the crowd. Mr. AchhiBabu who has been a constable for the past 15 years took matters into his hands and dismissed the queue.

As soon as the queue disappeared, the bus stop became the usual “Dilsukhnagar bus stop” with its crowd. Since there was nothing unusual going on, the stampede stopped.