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Politician said something sensible on TV

03, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Earlier today, a politician was heard saying something sensible right in front of the cameras. In a discussion on the recent case of molestation in Bengaluru, the concerned politician said something using his common sense and the output was something that every citizen agreed with.

Cue for politician to start saying nonsense

This bizarre statement by the politician took the news channel by surprise as they had already planned 10 hrs of coverage on the stupid statement the politician was supposed to make. “Forget the 10 hrs of planned coverage, he ruined our debate segment as well. How do we take the debate forward when someone says something sensible? Do we shout at him, do we bring other panelists to disagree with him, how does it work? We never encountered such a situation before”, a frustrated news executive said.

“If you didn’t have anything stupid to say about the molestation then pick another topic, we aren’t restricting you. Use your imagination but FFS say something stupid. You are a politician and you are on camera, you are duty bound to say something idiotic at that point of time”, the executive said before breaking into tears over her failed TV show.

The news channel has already sent a written complaint about the concerned politician to his party high command and have asked for better trained spokespersons in future.