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Possibility of EVMs being communal cannot be ruled out: Digvijay Singh

08, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Digvijay Singh is back after getting high on Ram Mandir issue. After having thoroughly exposed BJP on the Mandir issue, the Congress veteran is now exposing BJP on the machines issue.

Referring to the reports that suggested that some EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) in Assam were voting only for BJP, Digvijay Singh claimed that such machines could be “communal”, if not tampered.

Digvijay Singh
“Anything is possible”

“Of course these EVMs could very well be communal and even fascists to the (Pentium quad) core. They are one of those rare species that may look secular but behave in a communal manner. Much more dangerous than RSS, Baba Ramdev, and even Modi,” Digvijay claimed.

The former CM of Madhya Pradesh further claimed that communalism was spreading so rapidly across the country that not only human beings, even machines were getting affected.

“Internet servers had turned communal earlier, and now the communal virus is reaching other machines,” he declared.

Digvijay Singh however called this Faking News reporter an RSS agent when he was asked if the EVMs were secular in 2009.