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Prime Minister cried after Sensex crashed and Rupee fell

16, Aug 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. He is always criticized for lack of expressions and emotions on his face. But finally something has hit the untouched nerve and made our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to let his emotions flow.

Sources claim that Dr. Singh was in tears this afternoon after Rupee fell below 62 against US Dollar and Sensex crashed by over 700 points.

Manmohan Singh Crying
Manmohan Singh, wiping off a tear.

“It wasn’t less than a cosmic event. From what I know, he was 4 years old last time he cried. It’s 76 years since then. We can easily draw analogy with visibility of Halley’s Comet from Earth which normally happens in every 75–76 years,” a PMO source told Faking News.

The incident has shaken everyone as experts rushed in to interpret its meaning.

“These kind of emotional outbursts happen with people who are supposed to take care of something but they fail at the task. Remember, Sheila Dikshit was in tears after Delhi gangrape case,” one expert claimed.

However, news organizations were not happy with such simplistic explanations and they asked the experts to link PM’s tears with Narendra Modi. Experts were trying when reports last came in.

The closest someone could reach a political interpretation of the tears was our Faking News correspondent, who termed PM’s tears as a sign of revolt.

“Crying or being upset is the prerogative of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Prime Minister has started doing things without consulting the high-command,” our correspondent concluded.