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Property dealer finds new way to sell flats, says the apartment walls are ‘Arnab-noise proof’

06, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Property dealers always find new ideas and messages to help them sell real estate. Some of the common points being the distance from the station, markets in the nearby vicinity, schools which are nearby and obviously the Italian marble used in construction. But recently a dealer in Mira Road sold his property after labeling the walls as ‘Arnab Noise Proof’. According to Shwetank, the property dealer they have used some secret material in the construction which would not allow the noise of Arnab’s TV show running in neighboorhood to reach your apartment.


Shwetank has been in the business of selling the property and renting out property since last 10 years but was seeing a slump in his business as he didn’t have a USP to sell any property. Then he realized that the thing that irritates people the most nowadays is the noise of Arnab. So after tying up with a German company, he was able to make the walls noise-proof, and not just normal noise proof, but Arnab noise proof.

Just after posting an Ad for the same, Shwetank saw a tremendous increase in clients visiting him and has been selling a lot of flats. He hopes to make a big profit before people in the area following his example. People in other parts of Mumbai far off from Mira Road have also started visiting flats with this amazing feature in Mira Road. Though the cost would be 10 % more than a regular flat, there are people who want to pay that type of money for a peaceful life.

Are the walls really that effective, we will come to know only after people start residing in them.