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Public holiday declared in Ulhasnagar after a local boy's marriage proposal is accepted by a South Mumbai girl

04, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

Schools, Colleges and Banks will be closed in Ulhasnagar for a day amidst celebrations after a local boy got a favorable response to his marriage from a South Mumbai girl.

The couple met over the internet and fell in love. And after 6 months casual meetings, have now decided to take the plunge.

For Satish, the boy from Ulhasnagar, dating a girl like Monica who is from a rich and affluent South Mumbai family was stuff of dreams. But thanks to social media, this dream has now turned into reality.

“Initially I lied to her that I lived in SantaCruz. I mean it sounds better than Ulhasnagar and I also had to create an impression. But even after knowing where I come from, she still likes me. That’s when I thought there is more to our relationship,” said Satish, his cheeks still red.

No sooner the news made its way to the media, local political parties were seen taking credit for Satish’s achievement. The pothole filled road outside his house which was neglected by the authorities all this while, suddenly found a new lease of life with a fresh coat of tar.

In contrast, the scenes in South Mumbai were not all that celebratory. Monica’s parents were shocked at their daughter’s choice. “What is Ulhasnagar? Where on earth is this place? I thought Mumbai ends after Bandra. I am appalled to say the least,” said Monica’s father with a dejected look on his face.

Association of South Mumbai Girls too have cancelled Monica’s membership for violating what they call ‘unwritten rules’.