Wednesday, 8th April, 2020


Public spitting in Delhi reduced by 75% with everyone wearing masks

06, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The air quality of Delhi-NCR fell to “severe” on Tuesday, and is expected to worsen over three days, while the environment body considered implementation of restrictions under severe category of the GRAP, officials said. But the pollution levels have been a blessing in disguise for the citizens as spitting incidents have reduced drastically due to people wearing masks.


People spitting gutkha on streets is a real menace for the municipal board in Delhi. There were meetings held regularly to come up with a solution to fight it but all in vein. But now with people wearing maks, forget about gutkha, even the normal spitting incidents have reduced by almost 75% as found out by a Faking News survey. The survey team headed by Harneet Ahuja surveyed the whole city and found very few incidents where people were removing the mask and spitting in open spaces. This reduction many environmentalists say will help change the behavior of the city and more and more people will realize its importance. The government also feels that may be smog was the worst case scenario for people to learn a lesson, and now that they have learnt it, finally something will be done to tackle smog as well.

The sale of masks is on an all time high with many companies entering the mask selling space. Some have even come up with innovative masks with a pipe attached to discharge gutkha spit. But the government has promised a crack down on such masks as it will encourage more people to eat gutkha without the worry of spitting it out. Smog levels are bound to reduce in coming months and so will be the number of people wearing masks. The government is advertising the benefits of wearing a mask no matter what the weather situation is and is hoping that people will come out in support.