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Rahul Dravid detained at Heathrow airport for suspicious first name

07, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Hours after cricketer Kirti Azad was detained at Heathrow for a “suspicious” surname, the airport authorities have done the same for another cricketer – this time Rahul Dravid, and this time for a suspicious first name.

“We realized our mistake and let Mr. Dravid go after detaining him for just a couple of hours,” a security officer at Heathrow airport told Faking News, “Mr. Dravid shares his first name with a person who features in our checklist.”

The officer refused to explain what kind of “checklist” he was referring to.

However, sources suggest that the security agencies of United Kingdom have asked its authorities to be alert and inform them immediately if someone from India whose first name is “Rahul” enters the country.

“Analysts warn that someone called Rahul could trigger weird jokes and outlandish claims online, which could strain our online infrastructure, apart from traveling and eating at random places unannounced, which could strain our offline infrastructure,” a source working at Heathrow airport revealed.

The revelations have shocked the Indian authorities who are now confused if US could also be having a similar alert causing Shah Rukh Khan to be detained every time.

“Maybe they could be detaining SRK as he has played so many characters named Rahul in his movies,” wondered a Home Ministry official back in India.

Kirti Azad and Rahul Dravid
What’s in a name? A lot.