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Rahul Gandhi fans urge Congress to make use of learnings from Nehru and find out Rahul's whereabouts

10, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Millions of Rahul Gandhi fans, who were terribly missing the Congress Vice President and his statements for quite some time now, went berserk after declassified papers by IB revealed that Jawaharlal Nehru snooped on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for 20 years.

Lashing out at current lot of Congress leaders for not making use of same technology to find Rahul Gandhi, his fans have now asked them to find him or forget about retaining even 44 seats in 2019.

Finding RaGa.
Finding RaGa.

“I mean they have the greatest snooping means and ammunition at their disposal and they are yet to use that to find out Rahul’s whereabouts. They must use these learnings acquired from Nehru and find Rahul asap,” said a hardcore Rahul Fan from BJP.

However when pointed that Nehru could have snooped on Bose’s family concerned about their safety, he shot back, “It’s a shame that they used Nehru’s technological acumen to ensure safety of an outsider, while have no idea about one of their own. This is ridiculous.”

Some fans also claim that it could be a deliberate attempt by Rahul Gandhi to check the IQ of his party men and maybe he wants them to find him.

“Rahul Ji is a method politician. He just wants to check if maybe his brilliance or intelligence has had any impact on the leaders he spent most of his time with,” argued a NSUI leader.

“Its time they stop hailing Rahul’s vision and ingenuity and instead put it to some use. I am sure that’s what Rahul ji expects from them,” he added. “I fear he may not ever come out otherwise.”