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Railway officials refuse to take complaint from a passenger as he didn't tweet his problem to Suresh Prabhu first

22, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

One may not get a pizza delivered in half an hour but tweeting about your train travel woes will get you instant solutions. All one has to do is tag Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu or the Indian Railways, while venting ire on the social media about any unpleasant experience. In fact in a recent incident, a person’s complaint was not registered as he dint tweet his complain to the rail minister at midnight.


Railways’ grievance redressal system has been made social media-sensitive and complaints are handled promptly, but that doesn’t mean that face to face complaints should not be taken. Harneet Ahuja, a Delhi resident is still in a state of shock after his complaint was not registered.

Harneet was travelling in August Kranti to Mumbai for a business meet, when he noticed that his bed sheet was stained and dirty. The railway attendant whom he complained din’t give any response. It was only after he registered his complaint with the ticket collector, was he told, that complaints will be taken only after one has tweeted to the Rail minister with his PNR number. Face to face complaints are a thing of the past.

Harneet who has not been active on twitter for over 2 years now, finally decided to tweet his problem to Suresh Prabhu and was pleased to find that he got instant help from the attendant. Looking at this incident more and more people are installing twitter and learning its use. People who don’t have a smartphone will have to suffer according to the new policy as the first preference of complaints will be given to twitter complaints. And if you are able to tweet your concern at midnight then you will be served extra fast, otherwise at a normal time, your complaint may take a while to get registered.