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Railways authorities caught selling contact details written on toilet doors for 500 Rs.

05, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

In a shocking revelation, an investigative report from the Tribune has exposed how by just paying Rs500 anyone can get access to Aadhaar database of over one billion and for additional Rs300 how one can print Aadhaar card of anyone. This is something that several technology experts, journalists and activists have been warning for a long time. It only takes one single breach of the central server of UIDAI to compromise the data of all citizens of India. The news spread quickly and some Railway authorities tried to use this trick by selling contact details written on toilet doors of trains for a sum of 500 Rs.


If you have traveled on Indian Railways, you would have witnessed the umpteen contact details scribbled on toilet doors, sometimes written with pen, market and other writing material. The contact details are pretty clear and railways has never found the reason why people do so. But bad habits of few people has given a source of revenue to some corrupt Railway Authorities. As soon as some authorities came to know that there is a huge market available for the contact details of Indian citizens, they soon hired temporary employees to make a list of all details present on the toilet doors. In just one day the data collected is pretty huge, there are contact details of people living in remotest of places.

Today during a strict vigilance, station master at one of the Mumbai station caught Shwetank Srivastava and few of his colleagues selling the excel file to telemarketing companies. They were seen charging a sum of Rs. 500 for the complete data and an extra 300 Rs for the print out. On being caught, Shwetank revealed the whole procedure behind this criminal act. According to him currently they only have data available from all Mumbai bound trains, but they had plans to scale up the operations and cover other parts of the country too.