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Railways denies allegations that drivers are delaying departure to complete download of the movie at railway stations

11, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

All railway stations — nearly 8,500 across the country, including those in rural and remote areas — will be equipped with Wi-Fi facilities at an estimated cost of Rs. 700 crore. As part of the government’s ambitious Digital India initiative, the national transporter has currently commissioned Wi-Fi services at 216 major stations. Well it has surely helped the commuters, some say that it has also caused a great uneasiness in a different way.


There were rumors off late that the drivers of various long distance trains used to delay departure of the trains to complete the download of the movies which they had started at the arrival of the train at the station. The Railway authorities today called a press conference to deny such allegations and have assured that the drivers are very punctual.

In the last month or so, trains are getting delayed due to various reasons, be it Fog, track maintenance or other causes. But few passengers saw the drivers completely engrossed in their mobile phones and not having a look at the green signal given for departure. This prompted them to believe that drivers have become too habituated to use the fast wi-fi provided at various stations. Some regular commuters like Shwetank Srivastava have also suggested to keep the Wi-Fi router off during the arrival of a train and then switching it on after its departure. This will keep the drivers focused on the job in hand rather than internet.

Railway authorities have promised that no such measures are required as the drivers very well know their duties. The station masters have been asked to do surprise visits of the driver cabin to check the menace if at all it exists. Only time will tell if these allegations have any base or not.