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Rajagopal suggests buying Pepper Spray for Army as defense budget is hiked

17, Feb 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Finance Minister proposed 10% increase in defense allocation in his interim budget, L Rajagopal, the Congress MP from Andhra Pradesh has proposed that this hike should be used to buy pepper spray cans.

“I am willing to file the tender for buying pepper spray bottles and supplying it to our armed forces,” said the MP who sprayed pepper last week in the parliament.

L Rajagopal
He has a business plan ready

The MP, who is the richest parliamentarian and owns various businesses, is confident that the UPA government will award him the contract as he had been receiving such favors from the government earlier.

To bolster his business case, sources tell Faking News that the MP has decided to buy land from Robert Vadra and set up a pepper spray manufacturing unit near Delhi.

“I totally deserve this contract!” Mr. Rajagopal claimed, “I have experience in using pepper spray and it can stop a state from breaking into two. Our armed forces can also use it to defeat enemies of India who are trying to break the country.”

“In fact, state governments should also buy pepper spray. Delhi Police should stop wasting water by firing water cannons and should use pepper spray instead,” he further suggested.

The honorable MP said that he would be happy to spray pepper again in the parliament if people were not convinced.