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Ranjan Gogoi becomes new Chief Justice of India after Arnab Goswami says he is not interested in the top job

03, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

India got it’s 46th Chief Justice in the form of Ranjan Gogoi who was administered oath by the President. This also put end to months of speculation that Arnab Goswami could take up the top job.

Real Chief Justice of India

The Editor-in-Chief however made it clear that he was not interested in becoming the Chief Justice. “I don’t need any title or designation to dispense justice. My newsroom is my Supreme Court and I am the law here,” Arnab tweeted to put an end to speculations.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who has known Arnab from his Times Now days, in his excitement, congratulated The Republic TV Chief on becoming the next Chief Justice. He later deleted the tweet. “The way his debates have solved so many cases, I am just happy for him where ever he is,” Mr. Patra said while scurrying to attend a news debate.

It was a hectic day for President Kovind too who had to reschedule his day to attend the swearing. “There was no doubt in my mind that Arnab would take over as the CJ. And that wouldnt require my presence for swearing in as Arnab is Chief Justice, President, Prime Minister etc all rolled in one. So I wasn’t really prepared for the ceremony,” he said while speaking to our reporter.