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Ranjit Sinha unfazed by SC decision, says mentally he was already removed from 2G probe

21, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. CBI Director Ranjit Sinha today remained unfazed by Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the 2G case investigation.

Expressing no emotion over SC’s move, Sinha claimed that he was mentally already removed from the 2G probe and thus the decision of the apex court doesn’t affect him at all.

Ranjit Sinha
A relieved Ranjit Sinha

“Life goes on normal for me. I had long detached myself from the case, which was quite evident from the way it was progressing. I am happy SC took notice of it and did what they felt was needed,” Ranjit claimed.

When asked that doesn’t he feel humiliated to be kicked out of a case just 12 days before he is set to retire, he said,” Had I been too much dedicated to the case, I would have felt bad, but it’s been years now and believe me, I don’t even remember the case details.”

“Also having worked closely with Ex Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, I have kind of become immune to humiliation and such small things don’t embarrass or affect me any longer,” Sinha quickly added.

Now that Ranjit is set to retire, many reputed zoos from across the country are offering him a accommodation.

“Once a caged parrot, always a caged parrot,” a Zoo in charge quipped when asked about the logic behind their offer.