Ransomware disables copy and paste, huge impact for IT industry as productivity to come down by 99%

12, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: A new version of ransomware is causing great damage to the IT sector. The malicious software unlike its previous versions does not lock your computer to ask for a ransom amount. It simply disables functionalities like cut, copy and paste.


“The impact is unprecedented and difficult to quantify so quickly to what extent it will impact the productivity of IT companies. My initial estimation says it has potential to reduce the productivity up to 99 percent”, said an IT analyst from Gartner.

IT engineer Parag Sinha who was expecting he will close his assignments and head home by midnight was really upset. He spoke to our reporter while standing next to chai-sutta vendor. He said, “I had bookmarked all the pages from where I will copy the code. When I sat down to copy, realized it’s not working. Took my laptop to out IT desk, he told me about the new ransomware. Bad day for him too, he was desperately looking for a patch online, side by side talking to different software licensing support teams”.

Parag added, “was thinking of talking to my manager about postponing the release when I received the email from him addressed to the team. ‘Guys, this is a critical release, please make sure this happens tonight’ before he headed to pick up his son from piano class in the afternoon itself. With no other option, sat down to type code. Probably for the first time after I typed “Hello World” program in school. Was struggling to find some keys on my key board. In 4 hours, I have written some 25 lines of code. At this rate, cannot close my current assignments by end of month, forget tonight”.

Good news for the IT organization is only techies are affected, no impact for HR team. One HR person while having his 4th cold coffee in the cafeteria said, “Tomorrow there is an induction training for new employees. Same email I am using for last two years, just forwarded to new team members”. Immediately the HR person got a call from his manager as the date, time & venue for the training was wrong.