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Rare white tiger spotted in Bengaluru later found to be an oversized cat which was covered in foam from Bellandur lake 

25, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

Residents of Bengaluru in and around Bellandur lake spent anxious moments of excitement and panic after news of tiger spotting made rounds on social media.

bellandur cat

Eyewitness say that a white tiger was seen near the lake strolling around aimlessly late in the afternoon spreading momentary excitement in the area. However it was late found that the aforementioned tiger was infact an obese cat which was covered in foam.

Several locals who converged at the lake to witness the rare sight were left disappointed. Those who got closer to the animal said that they heard a ‘meow’ instead of the typical ‘roar’ of the tiger.

But by now images already went viral on social media. Local Police had a hard time controlling the crowd and had to resort to mild lathi charge to disperse the curious onlookers.

Sources say that cops have take the cat in custody and will be investigating further.

Apparently, the cat has weight issues which has led to it ballooning out of proportion. The owner of the feline was out of town which may have led to the cat wandering around the lake to look for food.