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Record 90% turnout recorded in Ahmedabad shopping mall

17, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. While Gujarat recorded around 70% voter turnout for assembly elections early today, a local shopping mall here broke the record the same evening by recording a massive 90% turnout of local shoppers.

Alpha One Mall
People queued up to buy what interested them

Shop owners in Alpha One Mall near Vastrapur area confirmed that they did a brisk business with their shops filled with voting and non-voting Gujaratis today evening.

“While the rest of the country watched exit polls on TV, debated if Narendra Modi could become Indian Prime Minister, and had their blood pressure go up and down, most Gujjus did some shopping and made money,” a self-proclaimed social scientist claimed.

Shop owners, as well as the cart pullers outside the mall, confirmed that a lot of economic activities took place today and it was a day well spent.

“Advertisers, publishers, printers, event managers, and journalists were making money before the elections, now it was our turn,” a maska bun seller outside the mall told Faking News.

“It was fun. A Monday that turned to be a holiday, standing in the queue for voting saved me from watching Nagpur Test on TV, and now all this shopping and outing with the family. Life is good!” Mohit Raval, a local resident said.