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Rehman Malik blames slope of mountains for infiltration in Kashmir

15, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After claiming that Captain Saurabh Kalia might have died due to bad weather, Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik has now claimed that terrorists could be infiltrating Kashmir due to the terrain of the region.

“You know, that’s a hilly area, and Kashmir valley is downhill for most Pakistanis,” Malik explained, “They just stand at the cliff looking at the valley and sometimes their feet slide due to bad weather, you know rains make stones slippery and all, and they start running downwards.”

Running Downhill
Rehman Malik’s  convincing and rational explanation of why Pakistani citizens with AK-47 rifles end up being in Jammu & Kashmir

The Pakistani interior minister said that such people, who are later branded as terrorists by Indian agencies, go to the mountains just to get a bird eye view of the beautiful Kashmir valley.

Malik claimed that no Pakistani soldier or any ISI operatives pushed such helpless people, who sometimes happen to be carrying a few grenades, AK 47s, and other ammunitions.

“It’s normal for people to carry such things in Pakistan,” he clarified.

“It’s all innocent and involuntary,” he claimed during an exclusive interview given to Indian news channel NDTV after refusing a similar interview to Faking News.

Mr. Malik further suggested that India and Pakistan should set up a joint committee to look into and list down such geographical and environmental factors, which are misinterpreted as acts of terrorism by Pakistani agencies.

“Maybe ocean currents cause innocent people from Karachi to go ashore in Mumbai,” he suggested, possibly referring to Kasab, though he declined to clarify.