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Religious man finally tastes Veg Momos thanks to ongoing Navratri

19, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Raghu Pratap, a deeply religious man with equal devotion towards non-veg cuisines, finally got himself to taste vegetarian momos as he couldn’t eat chicken momos due to the ongoing festival of Navratri.

Momos or Dumplings
Raghu even used to find the round shape of veg momos funny and never cared to try them

“I don’t eat non-veg food during Navratri, and this is my supreme sacrifice for Durga maa,” said Raghu, who couldn’t control himself earlier today and ended up in front of the momo stall in the local market in Pushp Vihar.

“I thought I’d say sorry to maata and eat half-plate chicken momos, but my inner voice stopped me just at the right time,” Raghu recalled how he almost lost his religion today, “But I was feeling hungry and decided to try veg momos.”

“Veg momos are not so bad!” a surprised Raghu told Faking News.

Earlier, Raghu always used to laugh at people eating veg momos as he thought it was a totally useless recipe, apart from being an oxymoron.

“I thought they were as useless and oxymoronic as Veg Birayani,” Raghu confirmed his earlier beliefs, “But looks like veg biryani could also be tried sometime.”

“I think Vrat Waali Biryani is already available in Karol Bagh market,” he added.