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Removing Mayawati’s wallpapers crashed Law & Order: Akhilesh Yadav

15, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has come up with an explanation for deteriorating law and order situation in the state. He blames Mayawati for sabotaging his government.

“She had inserted malwares in all government computers, especially those with data and information on crime and communal sensitivity,” Akhilesh told Faking News after completing one year in office.

Old desktop computer
An old sarkari computer that had Mayawati’s wallpaper, later replaced with Mulayam’s

“The malware crashed the computers once our government took over, and we had some initial difficulty managing the state of affairs,” he claimed.

The youngest CM of India further claimed that the malware in the computers were linked to the wallpapers of Mayawati, which were installed on the government computers and laptops. Removing the wallpapers triggered malware execution and the whole data was lost.

“Yes, the same malware is causing the machines to crash when students remove my or papa’s wallpaper from the laptops,” Akhilesh blamed the previous government for the crashing laptops given to students.

When asked why did he not try to terminate or quarantine the malware before giving the freebies to the students, the SP scion claimed that such polices were not followed by any government.

“Free things come up bundled with such restrictions,” Akhilesh Yadav claimed, “Next you will say why there are reasonable restrictions on free speech?”

“In fact, have you ever seen Rahul Gandhi complaining about bad food when he gets it free at a dalit’s house?” he argued.