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Republicans declare US govt shutdown as Amrika Bandh

01, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Washington, DC. In order to appeal to the large NRI population residing in the USA, the Republicans have decided to call the ongoing US government shutdown as “Amrika Bandh”.

“Well the shutdown is already here, and the Democrats are painting us as villains. So we thought to take a leaf out of Indian politics and become a hero by claiming that we forced the shutdown – something they do in India and call it a bandh,” said a member of the Republican Party declaring Amrika Bandh a “complete success”.

Bharat Bandh
Will such scenes be seen in the USA?

“We are learning from the huge experience of the BJP party as far as staging protests during a bandh goes, but so far as appeasement of minority group (NRIs in this case) is concerned, we are learning from the Congress party of India” clarified the leader.

To make this Amrika Bandh a roaring success, Republican leaders are watching YouTube videos of bandhs in India.

“Whoa! They burn buses too in some parts! That’s kinda too badass man,” said a leader after watching a few video clips.

Sources tell Faking News that 65 senators from the US Congress have already written a letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh to make sure the bus burning volunteers are not hired by some over-enthusiastic US politicians.

While the NRI community is touched by this step of the US politicians, being Indians, they have started fighting among themselves.

“Why is it being called a bandh and not a hartal? People from Bengal and Kerala are losing grip over US politics it seems,” complained an NRI.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources suggest that Democrats are planning to counter this Amrika Bandh with Amrika Nirman ads.