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Restaurant announces valentines discount for girls who would reject more than one proposal at the same restaurant

02, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Take care lovers, wherever you are, as Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. Whether you’re in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, research over a number of years shows that February 14 can be a day of broken hearts and broken wallets. The ‘Mumbai Single Boys association (MSBA) has requested the supreme court to limit the number of rejections a boy faces on 14th Feb. The decision is pending with the judges. Meanwhile the restaurant owners are ready to use the romantic day to earn more than they usually do. One of the restaurant in Mumbai has announced special discounts for girls who will bring back to back boys to the same restaurant for rejecting their proposal.


Faking News reported caught up with Shwetank Jain, the owner of the newly opened restaurant named TTMM (tu tera mein mera ) has come up with a exciting marketing plan to boost customer intake on 14th Feb. Shwetank, who himself was rejected by many girls during his college days thought that his learning from breakups would help him in his business. According to him ,” We are sure we will get many couples on Valentines day at our places, many boys will come with the expectation of their proposal being accepted, but that doesnt happen as I have personal experience of that. So every girl who will bring more than one boy at our restaurant will be given discount based on the number of proposals rejected by her at our premises,. The minimum order amount for the discount to become effective would be 2000 Rs per couple, and the girls are fine with that because the amount anyways will be paid by the boys. The discount amount will be given to the girls in form of cash or digital transaction.”

As soon as the scheme was announced few days back, Shwetank has started getting a huge number of advanced bookings and will hire more waiters to cater to the growing demands.