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Rise in Dengue cases as people planning sick leaves between Dussehra and Bakrid

23, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A Delhi government official has claimed that rise in reported cases of Dengue has gone up because people were falsely claiming symptoms of Dengue fever to get a day off from their job between Dussehra and Bakrid and thus get a 5-day weekend.

Meanwhile Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has asked for inquiry to ascertain if RSS was behind breeding Dengue causing mosquitoes

“People are not actually falling sick but pretending so for sick leaves,” the government official claimed on conditions of anonymity, “Earlier they fell sick on October 1, a Monday followed by a National Holiday i.e. Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, and now they are planning to fall sick on October 25 between Dussehra and Bakra Eid.”

“It’s all a conspiracy,” the government official claimed about Dengue cases in Delhi and around.

“It also shows that the middle class is corrupt and takes dishonest steps like feigning illness and planning sick leaves, hence they should not speak against corruption,” the official further claimed.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, the official gave a clean chit to the state government.

“The dengue cases are all baseless, false, and politically motivated,” he declared.

When asked how could the cases of Dengue fever be politically motivated, the official said, “You never know this Arvind Kejriwal. He openly calls for flouting of government rules and disrespecting laws of the land. He must have forwarded e-mails to people to claim mass leaves by faking Dengue.”

The official said the state government was planning to sue Kejriwal for defamation if more Dengue cases were reported from the National Capital Region.