Road construction project in Bangalore completes on time, investigation ordered

01, Nov 2015 By Golwalkar G

The Bangalore Municipal Corporation has ordered an inquiry into a road construction project from the Railway station to the Bus Stand which was completed on time.

The 100 meter stretch was to be re carpeted with tar and work began on the project in January and completed by October 2015 as per the agreed timeline of 10 months for completing the project at the rate of 10 meters a month. This has left authorities shocked and the public suspicious.

Road construction

The fact that the project was executed on time and within budget led to suspicion of foul play by the regulatory authority.

Mr Nayak, a construction worker at the site says, ‘This was the first project where I had to work daily and I was only paid if I worked the full 7 hours everyday. It was strange that the police did not ask for bribe and I believe there is something fishy here!”

The contractor who had undertaken the project was picked up for questioning by the Station police. Various groups have asked for a CBI inquiry into it to ascertain how did the project complete on time and in budget.

Initial reports suggest that the municipal corporation had found an honest contractor, however the police commissioner denied such rumors.

Meanwhile authorities are trying to convince people to use the road as it would be safe to use. “Corporation would try its best and we are planning to dig a few potholes to put people at ease,” an official told Faking News.