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Robert Vadra blasts BJP govt in Haryana on Facebook for once again transferring Khemka

02, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Keeping up with his new found armchair activism, Robert Vadra today blasted Haryana govt for once again transferring Ashok Khemka.

Lashing out at BJP Haryana, Vadra posted on his FB wall, “Really shocks and disgusts me to read and watch transfer of an honest IAS officer like Ashok Khemka once again, especially one who has dedicated his life to whistle-blowing and exposing irregularities and corrupt practices.”

Vadra returned from a foriegn trip feeling ashamed.
Vadra returned from a foriegn trip feeling ashamed.

“When abroad, it is shame to answer as an Indian, on the happenings in Haryana,” further read his wall post.

When one of his FB friends commented on the post with link of Vadra’s land deals exposed by Khemka, Vadra commented “Are you serious” 4 times before reporting and blocking him.

Congress Party too echoed Vadra’s sentiments and hailed him for speaking his mind.

“In this moment, when it is in fact Mr Modi who should have expressed such thoughts, we have Robert Vadra ji doing that job instead. He truly is the unofficial PM of this country whose heart pains everytime something unsavory happens in the nation,” said Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha while asking his fans on Twitter to trend #VadraRealPM.

When pointed the number of times Khemka was transferred in the Congress regime, Jha first claimed that those during Congress govt in Haryana were only routine transfers and later shifted the conversation to 2002 riots.