Robert Vadra seeks tips from Amma on avoiding corruption charges

18, May 2015 By fakeness

Chennai. There has been frantic activity going in the Tamil Nadu branch of Congress ever since the BJP’s Haryana government has announced probe into Mr Vadra’s land deals.

The word is that Mr Vadra, on Laluji’s advice, has decided to come to Tamil Nadu to learn the skills required to make all your illegal assets disappear. He will be learning under the guidance of Jayalalithaa, or Amma.

Vadra calling up Amma.
Vadra calling up Amma.

After she was discharged by courts, Amma’s magic has attracted even the masters of the game.

“We have people coming from all over the country, and some from other countries as well. We are organizing them into batches and have started the preliminary workshops for them. She has agreed to give guest lectures for now, but will go full-time tutoring if the response continued to be so huge,” an AIADMK official told Faking News.

The big questions remain unanswered though, what has made her so successful? What’s the secret of her magic?

A seasoned political analyst on condition of anonymity gave this reporter the inside track. “She has figured out the exact rate of imaginative accusations Kejriwal makes per minute, and has reversed the process; making her able to hide scams at a rate faster than they could be uncovered,” he said.

He further revealed, “The BJP knows about it too, but they are choosing to be silent for now as they might need her help once they sit in opposition.”

BJP spokesperson refused to comment on this issue.