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Rohit Sharma declares he deliberately failed in this IPL to fail consistently in all formats

29, May 2014 By chaitu

Mumbai. Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma today revealed that he deliberately under performed in the ongoing IPL to fail consistently across all the formats of the game.

BCCI officials, who weren’t expecting much from Sharma in the initial phase of the game as the league moved outside India to UAE, had earlier asked Rohit to explain why he failed to perform even in the Indian conditions.

“Yes, I used my talent to under-perform”

“Such poor display of form was never expected from born IPL players like Rohit. We always bank on players like him and Raina, but this time Rohit disappointed us,” a BCCI official confirmed how they were confused about Rohit’s mysterious non-performance in IPL.

To solve this mystery, Rohit called for a press meet after MI’s loss to CSK last night.

“For a man known for his consistency at different levels (consistently making it to Indian team and then consistently failing to perform in all matches), it was hard for me to maintain this consistency for years. But I decided not to compromise on principles and keep the consistency consistent,” Rohit explained.

After the press conference, BCCI interim chief Sunil Gavaskar was very upset with Rohit, sources tell Faking News.

“As a commentator, I never thought a day would come where I’d have to use the statement ‘We all know Rohit can bat‘ just like I used it for Zaheer Khan and Bhajji. Now we know,” he said.

Sachin Tendulkar, who is one amongst the 27 mentors of Mumbai Indians, was also miffed with Rohit.

“Well, I don’t know what his plans are,” Sachin said, “Maybe he is planning to be the 28th.”