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Rohit Sharma to now play only against teams ranked lower than 8 in ICC rankings

07, Mar 2015 By bangvinod

Houston: Considering his recent form in ongoing world cup 2015 , Rohit Sharma is considering an option to play only against certain teams. He took this decision after going through his run scoring pattern in the current world cup, ie: 7 vs WI, 57 vs UAE, 0 vs SA, 15 vs Pakistan, 150 vs Afghanistan and 8 vs Australia.

“Watch out you minnows”

It’s pretty evident that Rohit enjoys and scores against teams which are weak (or have ordinary bowlers) and hence in order to extend his career long, Rohit has decided that he will play only against those teams which have 8 or below ranking in ICC team ranking chart.

The other reason is that Rohit enjoys playing gulli cricket in Mumbai and batting against these teams gives him the similar experience. Also Rohit’s long term focus is obviously on IPL and this decision will help him get a lot of practice.

Apparently, Rohit is waiting on sir Jadeja’s input about this decision but looking at even Sir Jadeja’s form, he will most likely give his approval to Rohit to take such decision, as it may help Sir Jadeja to take a similar decision in future.

MSD seems to be very happy with this decision as he is tired of finishing games for India and thinks replacing Rohit may give him the rest he is looking for.

BCCI on the other hand, didn’t comment on this, as they don’t want to reveal the secret that the meeting to debate on Rohit’s decision was actually chaired by Srinivasan.

Meanwhile strong teams like Australia, Pakistan, SA, WI are disappointed with Rohit’s decision.