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Satellite stops revolving after a cat shaped black asteroid crossed its orbit

13, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. The inauspiciousness around Friday the 13th reached the pinnacle when a satellite stopped revolving around its orbit after a black asteroid – shaped like a cat – crossed its path.

Black Cat
The culprit could be a Chinese satellite that was reduced to asteroid within a week of launch, some experts claim.

The superstitious satellite in question was PolSat-420, the first political satellite of the world that was launched by India last week.

“Yes, it’s true, but it was a precautionary step,” said an ISRO official confirming but downplaying the incident, “As it was a political satellite, so we had strict instructions from country leaders to program it in a way so that it reflects the sentiments and aspirations of the people.”

“We even had nimbu-mirchi totem tied to the satellite when we launched it. It sounds ridiculous, but we had orders from the above,” he revealed.

The satellite has stopped revolving and ISRO was asked to send a dummy satellite that will cross the orbit to neutralize the negative impact of the sinister asteroid. The dummy satellite will have blessings from all religious leaders to make sure the secular fabric of the country is intact.