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Scientists develop vaccine that allows people to enjoy Sajid Khan’s movies

11, Jan 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

Bangalore: A team of scientists, working on a government grant, has developed a vaccine that allows people to enjoy Sajid Khan’s movies, after almost a decade of research.

“Good job”

Research on the vaccine started as soon as Mr. Khan displayed his now famous infamous skill of making terrible movies.

“We started working on the vaccine right after the first ‘Houseful’ was released,” Dr. Basu Chatterjee, a senior scientist at IISc Bangalore said. “We used findings from the Mangalyaan mission to fine tune the vaccine as well. Basically we found one scientist on the Mangalyaan mission, who got so drunk that he no longer cared whether Mangalyaan went to Mars or the Sun or crashed in the Indian Ocean. That was our biggest finding.”

“The vaccine is a mixture of rum, gin, vodka and whiskey,” Dr. Chatterjee said. “No, no… it is not the same as Long Iceland Iced Tea,” he said, reacting to a question from this reporter. “Do not ridicule our research… it took years of hard work and erm… drinking to fine tune this vaccine. Also, L. I. T. does not have whiskey. So you are wrong.”

“Now everyone can enjoy Sajid Khan’s movies,” Dr. Chatterjee concluded.