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Separatists fear separate settlements for Pandits in valley will make it tough to drive them away, again

04, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Srinagar. Majlis Itihad-e-Milat, a group of religious organizations in J&K, has warned the center against creation of separate settlements for migrant Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, as that would make it tough to drive them away, once again.

Expressing their deep concern over the matter, the group said that a new and secure rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits could mean that it will alter something that has been a core part of local culture.

Grand Mufti
“We welcome Kashmiri Pandits, but there are conditions.”

“Pandits are welcome to return and settle at their ancestral places, from where they had been driven away back in 90s, but not at separate settlements,” a member of the group told Faking News.

“Once they are back, we will together celebrate my, I mean, our festivals, and drive them away when we get bored of such shit,” he added.

Many young terrorists, who started their careers post mass exodus of Pandits from valley, have also voiced their opinion in favor of this demand.

“We have always heard of how Kashmir was beautiful in those days when we could tell these Pandits to leave the valley but leave their women back. Unfortunately, we could never experience this,” said Muhammad Saeed, a young member of Lashkar-e-Taiba.

“Rehabilitating them on a separate 850 hectares of land, that too under security cover, is totally unfair and deprives us of experiencing Kashmiriyat,” he added.

The group, however, insists that they were being driven by concern for Pandits.

“Hundreds of Pandits at one place is an irresistible and blatant provocation,” the Grand Mufti explained.