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Set Max to show Sooryavansham in strategic time-out breaks of IPL

07, May 2015 By priyank12

Mumbai. Due to IPL matches on Set Max which sometimes go as up as two matches during weekends, Set Max is unable to showcase Sooryavansham movie on its usual time slot of 8 PM and this has affected channel’s TRP considerably.

Fans badly missing it.
Fans badly missing it.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has also shown his displeasure for not showcasing Sooryavansham on Set Max since the beginning of IPL. “Audience wants such types of movie regularly where they can learn how a marriage and small business can turn a fortune for a person and Sooryavansham is serving to the world since last 16 years and it will continue to serve as long as there is set max channel,” said Amitabh Bachhan on being interviewed.

Set Max was in dilemma whether to showcase Sooryavansham or to show IPL matches and they approached some Bengali Baba for the solution and now they have found its way.

As per advice given by the Bengali Baba, they have decided to showcase the songs and famous scenes of Sooryavansham movie in 2.30 minutes breaks of strategic time out. This way the channel will be able to achieve both its objectives “Ek teer do Nishana”. They have approached Rajiv Shukla, chairman of IPL 8 and Pepsi Company for seeking their permission.

So fans of Sooryavansham can breathe a sigh of relief.