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Shahid Afridi to campaign for JD(U) as "young Sharad Yadav" for garnering votes from the elderly

29, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Patna: In an interesting move, the incumbent party of Bihar JD(U) has decided to rope in popular cricketer Shahid Afridi for their campaign for the Assembly Elections later this year. Shahid’s close resemblance to young Sharad Yadav is believed to be the prime reason behind this move aimed at garnering votes from the elderly.

Faking News reached out to the party senior Nitish Kumar who seemed quite confident of carrying Shahid along with him for election rallies.

“Sharad Yadav from the past, Shahid Afridi from the present.”

“Sharad ji used to be a handsome hunk and had a lot of fans during early days in politics. The ones who grew old with him will have to revive their fandom and vote for JD(U)”, said Nitish Kumar as he negotiated Afridi’s remuneration in the background.

Afridi on the other hand was elated with this opportunity and was quite confident that he could move into Bollywood right after campaigning and settle down in Mumbai, like Adnan Sami.

Lalu Yadav was not very happy with this move as he thought this would shift the vote-bank towards JD(U) and eventually, he would have to obey Nitish.

Sources say to counter this move, Lalu is now once again planning to rope in the infamous Osama Bin Laden look alike to campaign for RJD, to attract Muslim votes like he had previously.

Meanhwile Congress, also part of alliance with RJD and JDU for Bihar elections, has asked both parties to stop such gimmicks and instead focus on the one and only youth leader Rahul Gandhi.