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Shankar Mahadevan spends a day in Delhi's polluted air, composes a sequel to his hit song Breathless 

19, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

An impromptu composition by Shankar Mahadevan could just be a sequel to his previous hit number called Breathless. The singer spent a day in the capital city for a promotional event where he was supposed to deliver a speech. But given the high pollution level in the city, Shankar ended up delivering his speech in a single breath, which he later turned into a song.

The singer revealed that the aforementioned song could be a sequel to his previous hit number titled Breathless. “Had always planned to do another breathless. But it never materialized, wondering if I could pull it off by holding my breath for so long. But thanks to the pollution in Delhi, that song will finally be out for all my fans. I just need to add the background music to my Breathless Speech and it’s done,” the singer revealed while speaking to our reporter.

Viral video of residents of the city trying out their own ‘breathless’ were seen being shared on social media. “It kind of turned into a viral challenge. With video posted on how long one can sing while holding the breath,” said a social media analyst.

Delhi residents however were not impressed. Many say they have mastered the art of holding their breath for extended period and there is nothing special about Shankar Mahadevan’ song.

“I don’t get the fuss about this song. Yesterday I was bitching about my mother-in-law with my neighbor and we spoke for 3 hours straight. That too breathless. And this guy goes viral by singing a five minute song,” said Dolly Bhalla, a South Delhi housewife.