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Sharapova says she doesn't know who Sachin is; Sachin fan hits his head with tennis racket to forget her

02, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Soon after Maria Sharapova’s comment, in which she said that she didn’t know who Sachin was, a hardcore Sachin fan, Jazzbati Gupta hit his head with a tennis racket in order to lose his memory and to forget everything about the glamorous Russian player.

According to latest reports, Jazzbati’s condition is out of danger and his memory is still intact. Seeing his craziness for Sachin, doctors have warned his family members to keep an eye on him, as could try to take “revenge” again.

Now, this pic of Maria is a nightmare for Jazzbati.

As per Jazzbati’s close friends, although he was huge fan of both Maria and Sachin, his feelings for Sachin was way beyond anything normal.

“Before taking this extreme step, Jazzbati was sounding very disturbed. He kept remembering sweets memories he had of Maria Sharapova, especially related to Sharapova’s viral pic where she was standing in front of Eiffel Tower. He was very depressed by the way she unknowingly hurt his feelings,” recalled Jazzbati’s friend Vivek. “He was stuck between moral and amorous dilemma.”

Finally, Jazzbati consoled his heart and decided to take revenge against Sharapova by attempting to lose his whole memory.

“Before hitting his own head, he googled Maria Sharapova’s hot pics for the last time,” Vivek further added.

Meanwhile, after surviving the attack, Jazzbati is in contact of a psychologist, who reportedly is helping him to selectively erase Maria from his memory in a non-violent way.