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Shelves of the shops selling condom packets must be covered between 6 AM and 10 PM

12, Dec 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After directing TV channels to stop airing condom advertisements between 6 AM and 10 PM, revenue ministry working in conjunction with I&B ministry has asked shopkeepers to cover the shelves where condoms are kept during the same time duration.


The rule comes into effect with immediate notice and it is applicable to all retail stores including small kirana ones. Even the online retail need to show a cross symbol if they are selling condom packets.

“We are enforcing this new rule by making strict adherence to cable television act 1994 along with shops & establishment act 1954. If any shopkeeper or online stores are found deviating from this rule, we will ask to cancel their license,” said Vineet Singhal, member of Advertising Standard Council who recommended this.

Mr. Singhal shared logic behind this. He said, “Last weekend I saw my nephew who is in standard six repeatedly coming to drawing room to watch the ad breaks. Their I realized his fascination for Sunny Leone. These small kids accompany their parents when they go to super markets. When parents would be busy buying grocery, these kids taking advantage of the situation might go ahead and see those indecent pictures on top of con**ms”.  

“As a society, we must be responsible what we are selling, what we showing to our children, our next generation. Between 10 PM and 6 AM, jab bachche so jaate hain, there would be no restriction. If shopkeepers want to keep it at the cash counter or sell it on the roadside, we do not have any problem,” said Mr. Singhal.

Any recommended way how it should be covered, Mr. Singhal said, “We suggest showing the ‘Danger skeleton head with 440 voltages’ symbol printed on the covering material. Shopkeepers can be innovative and do it in their own way. Bas kuch dikhna nahin chahiye.”

We saw one customer buying a packet of danger stuff. “Bhai sahib, yeh danger cheez le raha hoon taaki, iska jaissa aur eak danger jaldi duniya na aa paye”, said the customer while pointing to his three-year-old son.