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SIT requests SC to allow it to hire Arnab to investigate black money offenders

02, Nov 2014 By dasu

New Delhi. SIT members, who were earlier worried about investigating 600 people within a month in the black money case, are much relaxed now, as Arnab Goswami has offered to help them with interrogation.

Members are really impressed with the way Arnab is able to grill his guests every night on his show.

“I am ready”

“The way he says ‘the nation wants to know tonight’ gives ample proof that he wants to close everything then and there. After all it’s all about taking responsibility. He genuinely thinks about well being of all aam admis watching his show,” one of the SIT members told Faking News.

Another senior SIT member feels, government agencies have so far missed to use a talent like him. He could have forced people to confess in few hours, could have passed 10 bills in one day of Parliament session. He has abundant energy, many say in India except our honorable PM, no one can challenge him on this front.

However, in exchange, reportedly Arnab wants SIT to fulfill few of his demands.

“Within a week, Arnab wants to reveal at least surnames of all the offenders on his channel. Plus, he also wants SIT to allow Times Now to show 10% face of the offenders on weekly basis, so that channel could ask its viewers to guess and speculate the names,” revealed a source close to SIT.