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Six assets India can auction to earn billions of dollars

28, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Government is thinking of mortgaging India’s gold reserves to meet forex requirements, but Faking News think-thank believes that there are other options available to earn billions of dollars.

Following are 6 precious assets that India possesses, and they could be auctioned to raise funds:

Let’s hold on to our gold and sell off other non-performing assets

Patience: a unique trait that has been passed on to us from generation to generation since ages, and honestly, it’s useless for us. Unlike Yoga, which we gifted free of cost to USA, we can auction Patience at a high price as many countries other than us need it.

Engineering Degrees: with so many engineers employed in jobs that require no more than a +2 education, their degrees are rusting. We can dust them off and auction these to countries where engineering degrees are valued more.

Slums: it continues to be one of the major attractions for the foreign tourists. Why not auction a few of our big slums which they can place in a corner of their cities?

IRCTC: uniquely coded and designed, this is the rarest of the rare websites to have ever existed in the digital world. With a huge user base, the website (and a joke-book containing all IRCTC jokes) could attract a valuation as high as that of Facebook.

Rajiv Gandhi’s Dreams: they are the keys to a society’s progress and development. Developing nations could need them desperately as their own leaders didn’t have much time to dream.

Sonia Gandhi’s Remote Control: It’s a very unique technology which could fetch us huge amount. Operating a human being with remote control is a hybrid of black magic and modern technology. Tech giants will pay anything for this remote control.