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A sleep expert called on TEDx fell asleep in the middle of his talk

17, Oct 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. TED talks have been viewed as the perfect platform where successful people come to talk about their success stories and inspire others. Shwetank Srivastava who is a sleep expert in India had a rather weird experience though. Shwetank fell asleep in the middle of the talk and it was actually not shocking as he is such an expert in sleep.


Shwetank had gained these supernatural powers of falling asleep quickly after years and years of practicing sleeping in school and college lectures. He slept in the interviews, in the movies, and sometimes in the middle of the exams. When he was not getting a job due to fewer marks, he thought of using the digital platform and become a sleep expert. He started making videos and teaching people how to fall asleep easily. Some methods listed out by him were watching an Ashutosh Gowarikar movies, watching a daily sop, watching Pujara’s batting, and many others. He has inspired a lot of people in India.

Just 2 days back he was speaking to a large audience in a hall and just after delivering a speech for about 5 minutes he fell asleep. One of his key principles is to not get bothered about others which helps him in sleeping peacefully. e applied the same principle while delivering the talk and did not bother about the audience. Soon he fell fast asleep and the talk had to be canceled as he did not wake up for the next 5 hours. leading by example indeed!