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Inspired by power situation in North India, smartphone company includes 'load shedding' feature in latest model to compensate for poor battery life

27, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

Power issues may be adding to the summer woes of many people across North India, but it seems that it has inspired a smartphone company which has decided to introduced ‘load shedding feature’ in it’s latest offering to tide over poor battery.


Speaking to Faking News, CEO of Whamsung mobiles, said, “Earlier our smartphones used to explode because of battery issues. We rectified the issue but the battery life suffered. So we decided to introduce a feature that will allow to extend the battery. With this feature the smartphone will automatically tun off when it feels like to save battery.”

Speaking on the inspiration for this new idea he said, “Having stayed in North India for quite some time, I realized how frequent load shedding help deal with power issues in the state. That’s how we go the idea. Now our smartphones will last for a week.”

Though the company is optimistic about their new range, users are not very happy. “Why load shedding? They could have simply given an inverter with the smartphone as an accessory,” said Rahul Jain, a banker from Delhi.

Users are not sure if this new feature would be of any help but reasoned that it was still better than exploding smartphone.