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Facebook to impact 16 million class 10th and 12th results

12, Apr 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After a research claimed that Social Media could impact as many as 160 Lok Sabha seats in the next general elections, another research has claimed that websites like Facebook and Twitter could impact results of at least 16 million students in India who took their class 10th and 12th exams earlier this year.

A representative picture of a student busy with social media while sitting on a backlog of unfinished syllabus

“Many who spent all their time on Facebook and Twitter are going to get anda (egg) – the default display picture of Twitter – as marks,” a researcher predicted students getting zero and thus F grade when results are announced in a few weeks.

According to the study, millions of students, especially boys, were busy checking out display pictures of girls, making fake profiles, and copy-pasting jokes on such websites, and consequently were ill prepared for the exams.

“Girls too wasted time uploading pictures and comparing vital stats like Facebook likes and Twitter retweets,” the researcher clarified why social media was set to impact the academic performance of test takers irrespective of gender.

“Girls have been traditionally performing better at these board exams when compared to boys, but if there is a reversal of trend this year, don’t blame the girl or the textbook, blame Facebook,” the researcher added.